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Hot Rod Wiring
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The one job that even the most knowledgeable DIY guys farm out is the wiring. No more. Today you can pick the best components, the appropriate harness kit, and install everything yourself - with help from this book from Wolfgang Publications. Whether yours is an old skool '32 Ford with a flathead for power, or a modern kustom with fuel injected V-8 and a set of airbags, the information you need to wire that hot rod can be found in Hot Rod Wiring from Wolfgang Publications. Like everything automotive, the electrical components used on modern hot rods have changed over the years. The stereo systems draw more power, and the number of accessories goes up and up. Alternator output is easily three times what it was just a few years ago. Hot Rod Wiring reflects these changes, and helps the reader determine how to pick the best components and design the best electrical system. Dennis Overholser has designed hot rod wiring harnesses and components for Painless Wiring for over 20 years. After putting in eight hours a day designing components, Dennis often goes home and helps friends install the wiring in their hot rods. On weekends, Dennis becomes the point man for Painless Wiring at various NSRA and competition events. Covering 144 pages, this book includes a theory chapter on direct current electricity, another on choosing the best components, a discussion of the various harness kits, three start-to-finish installations, and a troubleshooting chapter. In addition, the book provides a number of schematics that show typical starting, lighting, and charging circuits; and the complete schematic you need to wire a basic hot rod.

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